Published On: Mon, Sep 20th, 2021

La Palma volcano eruption LIVE: Canary Islands evacuated as lava swallows homes on isle | World | News

Regional hotel association Ashotel said it was putting itself “at the disposal” of island authorities.

An Ashotel spokesman said: “Association chiefs will meet today with the island council.

“We are channeling official information to associates and sending a message of encouragement to the entire island.

“Ashotel has made itself available to the authorities of La Palma and the Canary Islands to collaborate as best it can in light of the emergency generated by the eruption of the volcano in the neighbourhood of Las Manchas in the municipality of El Paso at 3.10pm local time yesterday afternoon.

“The vice-president of Ashotel in La Palma, Carlos García Sicilia, has been in direct and regular contact with the island council’s Councillor for Tourism Raúl Camacho, for the past few days and more intensely since the beginning of the volcanic explosion.

“Likewise, he is maintaining regular contact with different representatives of tour operators that work on the island to coordinate the official information and pass it on to its associates.

“To collect all the data, a meeting is scheduled to take place in the island corporation today to collaborate in the organization of necessary resources and transfer the official information in a timely and accurate manner.

“Ashotel wants to convey a message of encouragement to the entire island society and contribute to keeping calm, always attentive to the indications of the official protocols in a situation like this.”

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