Published On: Fri, Sep 10th, 2021

Horoscopes & love: Gemini warned to ‘be careful’ during ‘major’ love test this month

Gemini is represented by the Twins and covers those born between May 21 and June 20. They are people described as curious, affectionate and kind. But what are their love traits and which star sign are they most compatible with?

According to, Geminis are “smart, passionate, and dynamic” and they are “known for having two different sides they can display to the world”.

Geminis are excellent communicators and of the Zodiac’s most emotionally intelligent signs.

They love dating and “adore the ritual of it all – from the initial butterflies to the anticipation of a back-and-forth text volley.”

However, they will eventually settle down and are incredibly loyal when they’ve chosen a partner.

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But which star signs are the most compatible with a Gemini?

According to the horoscope website, Aries, Leo and Libra are the best matches for the star sign.

What Geminis can expect from the rest of the year

For those in long-term relationships, the horoscope predicts a really lovely year to deepen connections.


“It is an important year for those looking to either continue a commitment either through expanding your family, marriage, or even considering a move that has you closer to your loved ones.

“A major test will come along when your home planet, Mercury, starts a retrograde through Libra starting September 27 through October 18.”

The horoscope website explained: “This is a timeframe where you can get lost in a certain story or feel like you are not on the same page as your partner.

“During this time, careful planning and honest conversations can sort out any disagreements.

“Romance is extremely passionate throughout most of the year, even with some small mishaps!”

For those who are single, recommends trusting the signals but also to “be extremely appreciative of even if you feel lonely at times.”

“For those Geminis who are seeking love, this is the perfect year to let yourself have the upper-hand and ask someone out that you wouldn’t normally be attracted to.

“Your tastes are changing, which most likely happened through some heartbreak you went through in 2020.

“You now know what you are looking for through a certain dating scenario you definitely don’t want to revisit,” the website explained.

“The eclipse cycles this year are off the chains when it comes to finding your destiny.”

The horoscope platform explained Geminis are “irresistible to all crushes” after the summer eclipse, and recommended to stay vigilant towards the end of the year and be ready to take action.

“You are pretty much flying through this portal all year long, so be on your toes and ready for action, especially as November and December roll around!”

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